• organize chart of accounts into headings and accounts
  • available account types
    Asset, Liability, Equity, Income, Expense, whether the account is a contra account, and if the account should be a Heading or an Account
  • set accounts to a summary account for
    Accounts Receivables
    Accounts Payables
  • include account in drop-down selection menus on
    AR, AP, tracking and non-tracking items screens
  • set account as a tax account
  • change account numbers anytime
  • setup your own master chart of accounts for setting up new companies
  • translate chart of accounts into any number of languages to work with the same chart of accounts in different languages
  • list chart of accounts with Debit and Credit columns
  • drill down into account number for a list of transactions

  • limit transactions to a date range, period, and an amount (>= or <=)
  • include subtotals in ledgers
  • sort ledgers by date, reference, description, source, and account
  • translate chart of accounts to any number of languages
  • language is automatically chosen according to the user's preferences