• parts link to inventory, income, expense and tax accounts

  • fields for Make and Model part will fit

  • assemblies (manufactured goods) link to income and tax accounts

  • kits, similar to assemblies but non-stocking and processed as a bundle when sold or purchased. Items can either be shown on an invoice/packing list or hidden. This features is also useful for bundling such things as promotional giveaways, bottle deposits, core charges, etc.

  • service items link to income, expense and tax accounts

  • inventory is recorded when items are purchased
  • all expenses for cost of goods are posted when an item is sold
  • expenses for service items are recorded when purchased
  • entry to inventory is in no particular order
  • stock parts with Vendor Invoice (Merchandise Received)
  • keep inventory in multiple warehouses
  • ship/receive merchandise
  • warehouse transfer form and transaction log

  • stock assemblies

    re-order point calculates how many should be on hand
    assemblies can also be stocked from the assembly screen

  • customizable reports

  • sort reports by headings

  • convenient way to keep price lists for vendors and customers

  • display price history for items and pick price