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These terms and conditions apply to all business dealings with DWS Systems Inc. (hereinafter referred to as DWS) and users of the SQL-Ledger application with or without a written agreement.

Terms and Conditions may change without notice.

Copyright Information
SQL-Ledger is a registered Trademark of DWS Systems Inc.

Registration No. TMA676,795

All publications are Copyright © DWS Systems Inc.

Software License
licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE commonly known as the GPL. Please read the license before making changes and releasing changes to the general public. A copy of the license may be obtained from
Use of the word SQL-Ledger and logo
SQL-Ledger is a registered Trademark of DWS Systems Inc.

You may use the SQL-Ledger Logo unmodified if you

  • provide a link to
  • acknowledge the trademark and copyright
    "SQL-Ledger is a registered Trademark of DWS Systems Inc.

You may use the word SQL-Ledger in slogans or promotional material, if you acknowledge the trademark as above.

Use of SQL-Ledger domains
You may register regional or other web domain names containing the word SQL-Ledger, e.g.,, etc. if you

  1. Create and publish the site promoting SQL-Ledger (not your own wares and services)
  2. Publish the unmodified SQL-Ledger Logo with a link to and acknowledge the trademark and copyright (see above)

The use of "sql-ledger" in domains in all other cases is a violation of our copyright and trademark. If you were to use domain names like for promotion of your services, you are cybersquatting: "registering, trafficking in, or using a domain name with the intent to profit in bad faith from the goodwill of a trademark belonging to someone else" (U.S. Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act and ICANN arbitration).
The use of sql-ledger as a sub-domain (e.g. is allowed.

Use of SQL-Ledger web site content and graphics

You may use, translate and reproduce any SQL-Ledger web site and content and graphics for SQL-Ledger promotional purposes, if you provide a link to and acknowledge the trademark and copyright (as above).

Use of SQL-Ledger documentation and publications

DWS creates and distributes documentation and publications for a fee. All material is protected by copyright and intellectual property law.

The license for the documentation is for one organization (company or person) and may be shared within an organization. If you share the documentation with any other third party, you are liable to pay the documentation fee to DWS.

DWS may make the Documentation Source available to Users for their own use, e.g. for creating user manuals, excerpts or translations (Derived Documentation). All Derived Documentation must acknowledge the copyright and follow the same rules as the original Documentation.

You agree that the Document Source cannot be distributed or made available to any third party under any circumstances. If you distribute the original or Derived Documentation and or make it available to any third parties, you agree to make it available only in PDF form and and pay the documentation fee to DWS.


SQL-Ledger® is a registered trademark of DWS Systems Inc. All Rights Reserved. © Copyright 1998 - 2020 DWS Systems Inc.