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Manual is available from DWS Systems Inc. at a cost of $130 USD. [ Place Order ]

The manual comes in a downloadable PDF file. (Sample chapter)

Every feature is described, with lots of screenshots marked up where appropriate to draw attention to particular features. There are lots of hints and tips how to go about entering and searching for data however the manual is NOT an accounting primer and will not teach you how to do your books.

If you need a crashcourse in accounting please buy a book or take a course. To get you started here is a short introduction into accounting called DIY Accounting 101.

SQL-Ledger is not easy to figure out and you should know the basics. If all you require is a simple checkbook register program to balance your checkbook it is best you use a checkbook register program and not SQL-Ledger. There is a tool for everything, Quicken® is an excellent checkbook register program, SQL-Ledger is more for the higher end market and not a replacement for Quicken.

Other support options and customizations available upon request.